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Running On Empty: Refuel by Dating Your Spouse

date night one flesh awakening Here is a crazy thought: married couples should go on dates (with their spouses of course). Yes, that is right – leave the kids at home and enjoy each other’s company for a while. The date does not need to be expensive, but spending time with each other is SOOOO rewarding.

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The Best Step to Save Your Marriage

Couple_holding_hands_in_Kauai_(7635480262)We have been working with couples for a few years now and wow what a journey it has been. We have seen marriages come from the brink of divorce to become very stable and loving. We have also seen marriages end in divorce that should have been saved. There is a stark contrast between the two described above and the reason the result was different for each.

Really simply put, my belief is that if a couple truly puts Christ in the center of the relationship (no matter how bad it is), the marriage can be saved. To do this, both spouses Read More→

Is the Grass Really Greener?

file2651347938851Do you ever wonder if other marriages are as good as they seem? Does it seem like couples around you are doing great and your marriage seems bland? Are you wondering what is going wrong in your marriage Read More→

Renewed Strength

So here I am at 3 in the morning, can’t sleep. It has been a long week and there has been a lot of activity in our lives. The can’t sleep part is not because I am rested, it is because I am restless, I have a burning in my soul to make a difference by allowing GOD to use Carrie and I in the mission HE has called us to do.

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My Manhood Plan

A look back……….
Growing up I did not have much, so I learned to be a survivor early, what that did was instill a high drive in me to always want and pursue more. I had wounds that were deep due to feeling that my parents neglected me in both my essential physical and emotional needs. I have been completely healed of the wound of my past because of my decision to follow Jesus, and the gift of Carrie in my life.

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