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OFA032: Terry and Marcus Slaton Part 2

Terry and Marcus SlatonWe’ve got part 2 of the two part interview with Terry and Marcus Slaton, and they go into more details of how they recovered from an affair, and what their ministry entails. It’s an incredible story of extreme faith and endurance, but most of all, hope.

It’s best if you listen to part 1 first, here: http://www.onefleshawakening.com/ofa031-terry-marcus-slaton-part-1/

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OFA031: Terry and Marcus Slaton Part 1

Terry and Marcus SlatonTerry and Marcus Slaton, live in Valencia, CA, have been married 17 years, and have an almost 16 year old daughter.

They have a ministry named E32Zero, and he owns a real estate company. Terry is a domestic engineer and very involved in marriage ministry and church. They are the directors of the National Associate of Marriage Enhancement, and they currently oversee 12 couples that are helping strengthen the marriages of many other couples.

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Built to Last Marriage

builttolast2What can the best-selling business book “Built To Last” teach us about marriage and family?

I’ve been reading the book “Built To Last” by Jim Collins – and actually studying it pretty carefully Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (Harper Business Essentials).  He attempts to answer the question “What makes the truly exceptional companies different from other companies?”

What makes the book itself different is they look at companies…
– throughout their entire life span
– in direct comparison to other companies that didn’t do as well
– that started before 1950
– which were admired by CEOs of Fortune 500 and Inc. 100 private and public companies

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What Symbol Does Your Marriage Represent?

Eph42Symbols are significant to us, aren’t they?  We all have things that mean something to us.  For example, in our country (as well as others) many put up a Christmas tree in the days or weeks prior to Christmas.  The reasons that people do this might differ from person to person.  The tree has become a Read More→

OFA008: Seth Widner Part 2

Seth WidnerListen to Part 2 of 2 as Dave interviews Seth Widner, author of the book One Flesh Revolution: Start, Strengthen and Sustain Marital Oneness.

Seth and his wife, Melissa have been married for almost 9 years and have recently founded i58 Revolution. Their mission is to rebuild the ancient foundation of the family.

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