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Dating Spouse

Running On Empty: Refuel by Dating Your Spouse

date night one flesh awakening Here is a crazy thought: married couples should go on dates (with their spouses of course). Yes, that is right – leave the kids at home and enjoy each other’s company for a while. The date does not need to be expensive, but spending time with each other is SOOOO rewarding.

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Consider the Cost

In my house we have multiple fire alarms. Also within our house are fire extinguishers. So let me ask you this question? What are the purposes of these two items? Would you use a fire alarm to put a fire out? Would you use a extinguisher to detect a fire? The answer to both questions is no. Now I am willing to bet that some of you may be arguing that answer already.

Through the 23 years of marriage, my wife and I, have discovered that we have played the Read More→

What Symbol Does Your Marriage Represent?

Eph42Symbols are significant to us, aren’t they?  We all have things that mean something to us.  For example, in our country (as well as others) many put up a Christmas tree in the days or weeks prior to Christmas.  The reasons that people do this might differ from person to person.  The tree has become a Read More→

OFA002: Steve Schloss

Steve SchlossDave interviews Steve Schloss, author of the book “The Man’s Secret to a Happy and Sexy Marriage in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day”. It has numerous 5-star ratings on Amazon (see below).

Steve also runs the website mantomantalks.com and has been interviewed numerous times about his book and platform.

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Your Days of Marriage are Fleeting – Make them Count!

1509912_10203003389156318_2035887477_nAs I sat next to her, my heart was breaking. I didn’t have the words to say that would provide her any amount of comfort. As I sat quietly, not knowing what I could say I witnessed one of the most moving events that I have ever seen. I watched as he struggled to his feet, his breathing was noticeably labored. It took much of his strength to Read More→