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An Encounter with Cuban Refugees

cuban refugees One Flesh AwakeningIt might seem strange to you, but I recently had an encounter with cuban refugees – and it made me realize again how blessed I am.

I have always known that I was incredibly blessed. I have had amazing experiences throughout my life beginning with annual road trips to see much of the United States and then moving into adulthood and finding a love for cruise vacations.

I have been privileged to Read More→

Birds of Prey

We’ve all seen them. Actually, you can sense they are in the area before you ever notice them. Lets paint the picture for you. Your breezing through a rural area on a nice afternoon ride. As you come upon a rise in the road, lets say a small hill, you catch the aroma of something that has been too slow crossing the road….3 days ago. You crest the hill and start your descent and there it is. Some poor animal who was intrigued by the head lights Read More→

Just Give Up

I have a story about a man’s responsibility to collect taxes. It is not a very popular job. To be honest, I would imagine he wouldn’t even live in the same town where he had to do his job, in fear for his life. Possibly he drove a second car, one which people could damage without hurting the one he really needed (kind of like Patrick Swayze in the movie Roadhouse). Doing such an unpopular job could also cause you to Read More→

God Sees Around the Corner

cornerIsn’t it amazing how it seems like God is always ahead of us and knows the way and direction we’re headed – well before we do and far beyond our limited understanding and vision?  If you want to use the nature analogy, it seems like He’s two miles up ahead on the twisting and turning trail.  After all, He knows the way.  If you’re more of a city person, it feels like He’s already twenty city blocks down the street, sitting in a Starbucks and waiting for us to arrive.  I imagine walking up, Him Read More→

Built to Last Marriage

builttolast2What can the best-selling business book “Built To Last” teach us about marriage and family?

I’ve been reading the book “Built To Last” by Jim Collins – and actually studying it pretty carefully Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (Harper Business Essentials).  He attempts to answer the question “What makes the truly exceptional companies different from other companies?”

What makes the book itself different is they look at companies…
– throughout their entire life span
– in direct comparison to other companies that didn’t do as well
– that started before 1950
– which were admired by CEOs of Fortune 500 and Inc. 100 private and public companies

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