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Family Time

Investing in People’s Lives

Investing in People's Lives One Flesh AwakeningMost of the time our chats center around the marriage relationship.

Today’s chat will be a bit different.

Marriage is our passion; we see signs of brokenness all around us and many days it feels like we are in a sinking ship that offers little or no help for the catastrophes that surround the boat.

One of the elements that we do not often focus on when it comes to marriage is Read More→

Boxes of Memories

boxesAs often happens at this time of year, I sit reflecting upon the past year and evaluating progress –or lack thereof, of the past year. In many areas I do see improvement and progress; in others, I regret to say I have not progressed or perhaps even lost ground. As I face the brink of a new year and the temptation to make resolutions to live better, eat better, spend better and BE better, I sit here thinking about some things that I have observed Read More→

Consider the Cost

In my house we have multiple fire alarms. Also within our house are fire extinguishers. So let me ask you this question? What are the purposes of these two items? Would you use a fire alarm to put a fire out? Would you use a extinguisher to detect a fire? The answer to both questions is no. Now I am willing to bet that some of you may be arguing that answer already.

Through the 23 years of marriage, my wife and I, have discovered that we have played the Read More→

Dogs are Pretty Amazing Animals

brandon and dueceDogs are pretty amazing animals.  My family has owned dogs for my entire life.  We have a variety of sizes and breeds but one thing has been incredibly consistent, every dog I have owned has been very loyal; the kind of loyalty that seems to show no boundaries.

To better explain myself, take our current dog, Deuce Couper, a 3 year-old boxer.  Deuce loves “his people”, and he passes out sloppy kisses to prove it!  As a matter of fact, Read More→

Plan your life in 5 steps!

5 steps plan your lifeHow have you planned your life? For success or significance?  Significance happens often when we least expect it.

Last May my youngest son Bryan, who is 23, came home after his last college final exam. He gave me a big bear hug in the hallway, and held it for quite a few seconds; in fact I let go, and he still held on…and on. What a moment it was.  Now if I hadn’t been working from home, if I hadn’t been laid off over a year ago, I would not have experienced that. It was an incredible moment, one that was, and is, worth millions of dollars to me. As I told my wife Cheryl about it, she graciously said it was my time to have Read More→