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Being “Broken Together” isn’t the best way

There is a contemporary Christian song that has jumped to the top of the charts.broken together One Flesh Awakening

The song, Broken Together, by Casting Crowns has struck a nerve within the Christian community and receives a tremendous amount of play time on various radio stations.

I must admit, I was taken in by this song too.

But is there a better way than being “broken together”? Does Casting Crowns have it right? Read More→

Grow UP

growupI have had the privilege of teaching preschoolers for over 20 years. Boy, I could tell you story after story of all kinds of hilarious things that I have experienced over the years. Tempting as that might be, I will refrain in this setting. One of the more unpleasant things that came with that job were the numerous temper tantrums that I would witness day after day. Some of these outbursts were worse than others. They would range in severity from foot stomping, to yelling and screaming at the top of one’s lungs to literally dropping to the floor and rolling and flailing about in hysteria. One thing I learned early on was that if the child Read More→


clawI remember once hearing a story that tried to explain the difference between Heaven and Hell.  It depicted two rooms of people who had been created very much like humans, as we know them, but instead of fingers they had razor blades as extensions of their hands.  The length of these razor sharp edges was just long enough to make it virtually impossible to feed oneself.  In the first room there was chaos, screaming from the utter pain of slashing their own flesh as they attempted to acquire the much-needed sustenance of food.  The food was readily available; in fact it was supplied in abundance.  In their selfishness and physical need, they hurt themselves over and over again to try to eat.  They acted almost like animals as they tried to rip and tear the food in manageable sized Read More→

Dogs are Pretty Amazing Animals

brandon and dueceDogs are pretty amazing animals.  My family has owned dogs for my entire life.  We have a variety of sizes and breeds but one thing has been incredibly consistent, every dog I have owned has been very loyal; the kind of loyalty that seems to show no boundaries.

To better explain myself, take our current dog, Deuce Couper, a 3 year-old boxer.  Deuce loves “his people”, and he passes out sloppy kisses to prove it!  As a matter of fact, Read More→