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Handwriting is on the Wall

Someone told me recently that I had nice handwriting for a guy.

I thought about this for awhile and the comment would not go away. After all, it’s the same handwriting I have had for my whole life, so why would the thought of it being appealing to someone else ever cross my mind?

But you know what? I have caught myself watching other guys write now. I guess I am making mental notes on what I need to be comparing my writing style to.

A new awareness

This concept is one that many people have experienced. Although it may not be in the style of penmanship, it is an idea which takes time to understand.

Let me give you some examples.

Consider the moment that your tree climbing buddy became “cute.” Up until a certain age you never even thought of her as a girl. Now you have weird feelings and the friendship begins to change.

Or maybe you’re just at the house one day and your parents begin to ask you about a career. Maybe the subject turns to rent money or getting a job to start helping with the grocery bill.

You’re like, “What?”

The Handwriting for King Belshazzar

When King Belshazzar ordered that the cups his father had taken from the temple in Jerusalem be brought to him so he could impress his friends, they began to praise the false gods of gold, silver, and other material things.

Then immediately a hand appeared and wrote on the plaster wall – the time of accountability had come.

Daniel, a Jewish slave, who had a reputation of being able to interpret dreams, was called before the king. Daniel explained that that night the King would die. (Read about it in Daniel 5).

The Handwriting for your Marriage

Has anyone ever told you, “You have a nice marriage?” Like my handwriting I have always considered my marriage something that we just did. But unlike my handwriting, when things could be better (and that usually comes to the forefront by either my wife or I) we seek help to overcome the issue.

I guess so many years have passed since I was trained to write that I had forgotten the hours I spent writing between the solid and dotted lines. I had forgotten the years of learning to write cursive. I had even took calligraphy classes.

The point I’m making is this: what other people appreciate now didn’t come without effort and training.

So here’s the question for you.

As you look at marriages you admire you see the results of years together.

You see the results of tough decisions and long nights of “working it out.”

You see the reward of sacrifice and saving, learning to know when to speak and the victories of overcoming obstacles.

The marriage you admire wasn’t without it’s challenges and some of the very best ones have tear stained Bibles with worn pages. There are sore knees from hours and hours of prayer and a lifetime full of learning to trust God even when things don’t make sense.

If you’re there, in the early stages of the honeymoon, or if you’re in the 7-year-stretch, or maybe a seasoned veteran, there is always room to grow.

If your marriage needs to go from struggling to honoring, or if you want it to go from ordinary to extraordinary, the handwriting is on the wall.

Give us a shout.

Walking in the light,

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