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Handwriting is on the Wall

Someone told me recently that I had nice handwriting for a guy.

I thought about this for awhile and the comment would not go away. After all, it’s the same handwriting I have had for my whole life, so why would the thought of it being appealing to someone else ever cross my mind? Read More→

Investing in People’s Lives

Investing in People's Lives One Flesh AwakeningMost of the time our chats center around the marriage relationship.

Today’s chat will be a bit different.

Marriage is our passion; we see signs of brokenness all around us and many days it feels like we are in a sinking ship that offers little or no help for the catastrophes that surround the boat.

One of the elements that we do not often focus on when it comes to marriage is Read More→

Make the Most of Your Time

Make the Most of Your TimeI recently encountered one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever witnessed. I am a part-time caregiver to a lady who has dementia. She lives at a local assisted living facility. One day last week when I was dropping her off following our walk downtown I watched as the nurses began to corral the residents around small dining tables for dinner. As I watched them gently prod and encourage each resident to take a seat at the table, I was amazed at how much effort was required for such a task.

One of the residents who had taken a seat, we’ll call him “Mr. Bob”, apparently decided he no longer wanted to Read More→

Yours, Mine, Ours…or His?

3d-key-to-successSeveral years ago my husband and I came to an impasse where our finances were concerned. For the first several years of our marriage I had been our “bookkeeper”. I wrote out the checks and paid the bills. I did a half-hearted job of balancing the checkbook; if I were to be honest, I called the automated service on almost a daily basis to check our balance. These were the days before the internet, online banking options and telephone apps to help us stay up to date on our financial information. As I said, we had reached an impasse. I don’t remember the fine details of Read More→

Money, Money, Money

moneyMoney money money money, MONEY
Money money money money, MONEY
Money money money money, MONEY

Some people got to have it
Hey, Hey, Hey some people really need it

Hey, listen to me, y’all do thangs,

do thangs, do thangs – bad thangs with it
Well, you wanna do thangs, do thangs, do thangs –
good thangs with it – yeah

Un Huh, talkin’ bout cash money, money

Talkin’ bout cash money – dollar bills y’all – come on, now…

Partial song lyrics from “For the Love of Money” by The Ojays

If you’re like me, you are humming along to the tune of the song above right now. While Read More→