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OFA031: Terry and Marcus Slaton Part 1

Terry and Marcus SlatonTerry and Marcus Slaton, live in Valencia, CA, have been married 17 years, and have an almost 16 year old daughter.

They have a ministry named E32Zero, and he owns a real estate company. Terry is a domestic engineer and very involved in marriage ministry and church. They are the directors of the National Associate of Marriage Enhancement, and they currently oversee 12 couples that are helping strengthen the marriages of many other couples.

Three attitudes/actions they’ve taken to allow their marriage to thrive:

For Marcus Slaton
1. He had to learn to love himself as Christ loved him so he could love Terry how Christ meant to for him to love her.
2. Humility is required. Every marital issue comes down to perspective – one person or both can’t see the other’s perspective. Humility gives you the ability to see the other person’s perspective.
3. Be versatile in marriage. Because circumstances will arise that you’ll have to deal with.

For Terry Slaton
1. Have confidence in God. You can’t give away what you don’t already have.
2. Hope. She was fearful of marriage at the start. Not allowing obstacles to make you hopeless.
3. Learning to forgive, being quick at it, whether you feel it or not. If we get offended by people, we can’t be that effective.

Other Advice and Thoughts:

  • There are two areas where you’re tested: in prosperity and in wilderness.
  • Surrender every day at the cross.it’s our decisions that lead us to our destination. Every time you say something to your spouse, you are honoring them or dishonoring them.
  • One bad decision doesn’t do it, but it’s the bad decisions added up.
  • It was Terry’s faith in God that kept them together and allowed the restoration to occur.
  • When you put walls up to protect your heart, you’re keeping God out as well. The walls just make you a prisoner.
  • Terry’s choice was to listen only to God, not to others.

You can contact Marcus and Terry at http://e32zero.com/

Make sure you listen to part 2 when it is available!

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