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OFA032: Terry and Marcus Slaton Part 2

Terry and Marcus SlatonWe’ve got part 2 of the two part interview with Terry and Marcus Slaton, and they go into more details of how they recovered from an affair, and what their ministry entails. It’s an incredible story of extreme faith and endurance, but most of all, hope.

It’s best if you listen to part 1 first, here: http://www.onefleshawakening.com/ofa031-terry-marcus-slaton-part-1/

 Advice and Thoughts (see more from part 1):

  • Marcus’ counselor said “Marcus, you have the ability to empower your wife to be the Proverbs 31 woman.”
  • They both came from divorced families, and Marcus realized his decision would impact generations to come.
  • Overall, it took them a year and a half to get back together.
  • “You can’t give away what you don’t receive.”
  • Terry was SO relying on God, and cried out to Him that she hated her story. But God said to Terry “How can you despise the very thing that got you close to me?”
  • When a man wants out of a marriage, he’s rarely thinking about the kids.
  • When you and your spouse are having issues and difficulties, you might think you’re hiding it from your kids, but you aren’t.
  • When trust is broken, it takes a long long time to earn it back.
  • When we’re in sin and shamed, we’ll isolate ourselves on an island, and that’s exactly what Satan wants.
  • Marcus knows he’s one decision away from starting down the path of destroying his life. You’ve got to be very very careful because while God will bring people to help you on your path, Satan will bring others along as well. It’s critical to have people that will speak truth into your life.
  • Life can only be understood backwards, but you still have to live it forward. Sometimes things don’t make sense regarding what we’re going through, but we will understand later.
  • Marriage is really a covenant of three persons, not just two.

Best marriage advice

  • Have a heart of Hope and Humility.

You can contact Marcus and Terry at http://e32zero.com/

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