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OFA033: Louise Sloan Goben – Healing Touch

Louise Sloan Goben OFA Podcast

Louise has been an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for 25 years. In addition to her Master of Divinity degree, she has a Master of Arts in Clinical/Community Psychology.

Louise has shared Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry (HTSM) in many circles within the church, and as a Certified Practitioner for Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry and an Instructor, Louise understands her mission is to introduce healing and anointing to all in the church who feel called to share this work. She has seen first-hand the impact of prayer and the laying-on-of-hands in the lives of all who share this remarkable work.

Louise is married to Rev. Galen Goben, who works as Grief Support Coordinator for Forest Lawn Memorial Parks. Together they have 3 sons and have been married almost 29 years.

Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry – what is it?

  • HTSM has it’s roots in holistic nursing, nurses that worked with critically ill patients. They introduced additional practices to help reduce pain including meditation, acupressure, and acupuncture. One of these also is Healing Touch.
  • Healing Touch though is actually going back to Jesus’ time, and obeying what’s in the New Testament.
  • It’s reclaiming our early Christian conditions of healing and laying on of hands.
  • Part of her ministry is sharing this with other churches

About Healing and Energy

  • Nearly 1/2 of all the recorded healings in the New Testament involved touching. Stories of not just Jesus reaching out, but others reaching out to touch Him.
  • There is an exchange of power through touch.
  • Our world is made of energy, even something that appears solid. This energy can be measured, and it’s always present. Anything that is living has energy that can be measured and observed with the right techniques.
  • With our right brain we are able to access and sense the energy around us, including God.
Louise walks us through a meditation on the Healing of a Leper, a way of allowing Jesus to heal you. In fact, meditation is a great way to connect with God, and of quieting ourselves and listening to Him.

Laying On Of Hands

Now for the Laying on of Hands, the steps, after asking for permission of the person, are
 – Centering
 – Intention
 – Assessment
 – Treatment
This is a great way to actually pray for someone.

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Recommended Resources


The website for healing touch spiritual ministry: http://ishahealing.com/

Louise can be contacted with her email: louise[at]fccnh.org.

And this is her recommended book to learn more: