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Our Philosophy

The Problem

Too many Christian marriages are Ordinary (best case for most)

  • Not a source of strength for the couple, the church, businesses, and society
  • Divorce rate is same inside and outside of the church, which undermines the message of Christ
  • Kid-centered, not God centered, which results in marriages with low passion NOW and divorce LATER
  • Have ZERO accountability
    Accountability is key in all areas of superior performance
    “Counseling” has a stigma attached to it

Most churches teach rarely on the subject

Provides good information, but brief action at best

Existing conferences are a weekend or one day

This produces results like a crusade: a decision to change that is momentary only

Pre-marital stops after the “certificate is earned”

This is like stopping studying the Bible after graduating from seminary

The Solution

It is not one thing, but a combination
Just like almost anything in our lives needs regular maintenance, marriages do too

The 3 Action Pillars of our ministry are

Continuing Educational Opportunities

Online and offline

Regular Conferences

We provide a unique focusing experience for the couple

Continuing Accountability

Maximum results require accountability
It is not about pushing a program or action steps down a couple’s throats: facilitation MUST be to get the couple to own their actions, one step at a time