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An Encounter with Cuban Refugees

cuban refugees One Flesh AwakeningIt might seem strange to you, but I recently had an encounter with cuban refugees – and it made me realize again how blessed I am.

I have always known that I was incredibly blessed. I have had amazing experiences throughout my life beginning with annual road trips to see much of the United States and then moving into adulthood and finding a love for cruise vacations.

I have been privileged to Read More→

Running On Empty: Refuel by Dating Your Spouse

date night one flesh awakening Here is a crazy thought: married couples should go on dates (with their spouses of course). Yes, that is right – leave the kids at home and enjoy each other’s company for a while. The date does not need to be expensive, but spending time with each other is SOOOO rewarding.

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Boxes of Memories

boxesAs often happens at this time of year, I sit reflecting upon the past year and evaluating progress –or lack thereof, of the past year. In many areas I do see improvement and progress; in others, I regret to say I have not progressed or perhaps even lost ground. As I face the brink of a new year and the temptation to make resolutions to live better, eat better, spend better and BE better, I sit here thinking about some things that I have observed Read More→

Cats and Dogs

As i sat on the couch this morning, in the quietness of the house before it comes alive with sounds of teenagers and a 12 year old getting ready for school, I was reading one of my favorite authors, Max Lucado. I was in awe of the story, and in awe of the man’s ability to capture the reader and transplant them into the story. I was so fixated on the idea of wanting that skill that I had missed our new kitten’s latest curiosity.

Torn between my thoughts of how to achieve such an ability to captivate our readers, being held like glue to the pages of wisdom, and this desire to watch the kitten pull off Read More→

Consider the Cost

In my house we have multiple fire alarms. Also within our house are fire extinguishers. So let me ask you this question? What are the purposes of these two items? Would you use a fire alarm to put a fire out? Would you use a extinguisher to detect a fire? The answer to both questions is no. Now I am willing to bet that some of you may be arguing that answer already.

Through the 23 years of marriage, my wife and I, have discovered that we have played the Read More→