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Running On Empty: Refuel by Dating Your Spouse

date night one flesh awakening Here is a crazy thought: married couples should go on dates (with their spouses of course). Yes, that is right – leave the kids at home and enjoy each other’s company for a while. The date does not need to be expensive, but spending time with each other is SOOOO rewarding.

Go for a walk, go to a movie, get a dessert together. But just do something!

A while back Carrie and I set out on a Saturday morning with a couple of things to do and ended up dating the whole day for free (other than gas). There was a grand opening here, a celebration there and then BAM! We had a free date!

I share this not because I am a cheap date (I’m not), but to just point out it is possible to be on a tight budget and still spend time together.

Some friends of ours do regular Red Box dates, where they have a movie ready for when the little ones are put down, and they make their own snacks and enjoy a movie together.

The point is this: make date night a priority; you and your family will be glad you did.

The question is not if you can afford to do date night. The question is can you afford NOT to do date night?

Because marriages matter,